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The 1980 Annual Handbook for Group Facilitators

by John E., Phd. Jones (Editor), J. William Pfeiffer (Editor)


AIDS Trauma and Support Group Therapy: Mutual Aid, Empowerment, Connection

by Martha A. Gabriel, PhD


Acting Out: Therapy for Groups

by Philip Moore


Action Methods In Group Psychotherapy: Practical Aspects

by Daniel J. Tomasulo


Active Analytic Group Therapy for Adolescents

by John Evans


Active Techniques and Group Psychotherapy (Master Work)

by Ted Saretsky, Theodore Saretsky


Activities for Adolescents in Therapy: A Handbook of Facilitating Guidelines and Planning Ideas for Group Therapy With Troubled Adolescents

by Susan T. Dennison


Action Speaks Louder: A Handbook of Structured Group Techniques

by A. Jane Remocker, Elizabeth T. Sherwood


Adaptation to Loss through Short-Term Group Psychotherapy

by William E. Piper, Mary McCallum, Hassan Azim


Addiction and the Vulnerable Self

by Edward J. Khantzian, Kurt S. Halliday (contributor), William E. McAuliffe (contributor)


Adolescent Group Psychotherapy (American Group Psychotherapy Association, Monograph 4)*

by Fern J. Cramer-Azima, Lewis H. Richmond


Adolescent Group Therapy

by George R. Holmes, Robert V. Heckel, Lucille Gordon


Adolescents Grow in Groups: Experiences in Adolescent Group Psychotherapy (The Master Work Series)

by Irving H. Berkovitz (Editor)


Advanced Group Leadership

by Jeffrey A. Kottler


Advances in Family Intervention Assessment and Theory

by John P. Vincent (Editor)


Advances in Group Psychotherapy: Integrating Research and Practice (American Group Psychotherapy Association, Monograph)*

by Robert R. Dies (Editor), K. Roy MacKenzie (Editor)


Aesthetics of Change

by Bradford P. Keeney, Heinz Von Foerster


Angry Parents: A Group Psychotherapy Manual for Aggression Management Training

by Robert G. Acton


The Anti-Group: Destructive Forces in the Group and Their Creative Potential (International Library of Group Psychotherapy and Group Process)

by Morris Nitsun


Appreciating Dreams: A Group Approach

by Montague Ullman


Art Psychotherapy Groups: Between Pictures and Words

by Sally Skaife (Editor)


Art Psychotherapy in Groups: Between Picture and Words

by Sally Skaife (Editor),


Art Therapy and Group Work: An Annotated Bibliography

by Kathleen Mileski Hanes


Art Therapy for Groups: A Handbook for Themes, Games, and Exercises

by Marian Liebmann


The Arts/Fitness Quality of Life Activities Program: Creative Ideas for Working With Older Adults in Group Settings

by Claire B. Clements (Editor)


Authentic Marriages: How to Connect With Other Couples Through a Marriage Accountability Group

by Jeff Helton, Lora Helton, Gary Chapman


Autobiography of a Theory: Developing the Theory of Living Human Systems and its Systems-Centered Practice

by Yvonne Agazarian, Susan P. Gantt


Away from me

by Susan Champagne

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Basic Approaches to Group Psychoherapy and Group Counselling

by George M. Gazda


Basic Aspects of Psychoanalytic and Group Therapy (International Library of Group Psychotherapy and Group Process)

by Peter Kutter


Basic Counseling Responses in Groups: A Multimedia Learning System for the Helping Professions

by Jacqueline Leibsohn, Hutch Haney, James Hutchinson Haney


Basics of Group Psychotherapy

by Harold S. Bernard (Editor), K. Roy MacKenzie (Editor)


Behavior in Small Groups

by Alfred Benjamin


Behavioral Group Therapy Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-One

by Dennis Upper (Editor)


Behavioral Group Therapy, 1980


Being and Belonging: Group, Intergroup and Gestalt

by Gaie Houston


Belonging: Self and Social Discovery for Children and Adolescents: A Guide for Group Facilitators

By Jayne Devencenzi, Susan Pendergast


Bereavement Support Group Program For Children: Leader Manual and Participant Workbook

by Beth Haasl, Jean Marnocha


Bereavement Support Group Program for Children: Participant Workbook

by Beth Haasl, Jean Marnocha


Beyond the Hot Seat: Gestalt Approaches to Group

by Bud Feder (Editor), Ruth Ronall (Editor)


Beyond the Couch; Dialogues in Teaching and Learning Psychoanalysis in Groups


Bion Group Psychotherapy

by Malcolm Pines


Bion’s Legacy to Groups

by International Centennial Conference on the Work of W.R. Bion, W. R. Bion


Bion, Rickman, Foulkes, and the Northfield Experiments: Advancing on a Different Front

By Tom Harrison


Breaking the Silence: Group Therapy for Childhood Sexual Abuse: A Practitioner’s Manual

by Judith A. Margolin


The Breast Cancer Notebook: The Healing Power of Reflection

by Ava Louise Stanton, Geoffrey M., Ph.D. Reed


Brief Group Counseling: Integrating Individual and Group Cognitive-Behavioural Approaches

by Michael J. Scott, Stephen G. Stradling


Brief Group Therapy Homework Planner (Atlas of Polymer)

by Louis J. Bevilacqua


Brief Group Treatment: Practical Training for Therapists and Counselors

by Jerrold Lee Shapiro, Lawrence S. Peltz, Susan Bernadett-Shapiro



Carl Rogers on Encounter Groups

by Carl Ransom Rogers


Case Studies in Couple and Family Therapy

by Frank M. Dattilio (Editor), Marvin R. Goldfried (Introduction)


A Casebook in Group Therapy: A Cognitive-Behavior Approach

by Sheldon D. Rose


A Century of Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Group Analysis: A Search for Integration (International Library of Group Analysis)

by Ronald Sandison


The Challenge for Group Psychotherapy: Present and Future.

by Stefan. De Schill


Challenging the Barbie Doll Syndrome: A Group Design for Working with Adolescent Girls

by Heather H. Barto, Sarah J. Salkeld


Change in the Context of Group Therapy

by Mary Nicholas


The Changing Family (Focus on Behavior: Series II, Group Manual)

by Paul J. Ciborowski


Chemical Dependency Treatment: Innovative Group Approaches

by L. Donald McVinney (Editor)


Child Abuser: A Study of Child Abusers in Self-Help Group Therapy

by Marilyn C. Collins


Child Group Psychotherapy: Future Tense (American Group Psychotherapy Association Monograph, 3)*

by Albert E. Riester (Editor), Irvin A. Kraft (Editor)


Child Without Tomorrow

by Anthony M., Graziano


Children Helping Children (Wiley Series in Developmental Psychology and Its Applications)

by Hugh C. Foot (Editor) Michelle J. Morgan (Editor), Rosalyn H. Shute (Editor)


Children Need Groups: A Practical Manual for Group Work With Young Children

by Gill Trafford, R. Silveira,


Children With Conduct Disorders: A Psychotherapy Manual

by Paulina F. Kernberg, Saralea E. Chazan


Children of Divorce (Workshop Models for Family Life Education)

by Marilyn A. Davenport, Patricia L. Gordy, Nancy A. Miranda


Children’s Group Therapy: Methods and Case Histories

by Mortimer Schiffer


Circular Reflections: Selected Papers of Malcolm Pines (International Library of Group Analysis, 1)

by Malcolm Pines, Earl Hopper, Saul Scheidlinger


Classics in Group Psychotherapy

by K. Roy MacKenzie (Editor)


Clean Start

by William E. McAuliffe, Jeffrey Albert (Editor)


Clinical Applications of Drama Therapy in Child and Adolescent Treatment

by Anna Marie Weber, Craig Haen (Editors)


Clinical Notes on Group-Analytic Psychotherapy

by D. Wilfred Abse


A Clinician’s Guide to Psychodrama

by Eva Leveton


Cognitive Rehabilitation: Group Games and Activities

by Joan Toglia, Kathleen M. Golisz


Cognitive Therapy With Couples and Groups

by Arthur Freeman (Editor)


Cognitive Therapy in Groups: Guidelines and Resources for Practice

by Michael L. Free


Cognitive-Behavioral Group Therapy for Social Phobia

by Richard G. Heimberg, Robert E. Becker


Cognitive-Behavioral Group Therapy for Specific Problems and Populations

by John R. White (Editor), Arthur S. Freeman (Editor)


Collective Violence: Effective Strategies for Assessing and Interviewing in Fatal Group and Institutional Aggression

by Harold V. Hall (Editor), Leighton C. Whitaker (Editor)


Combining Individual and Group Therapy (The Master Work Series)

by Judith Caligor, Nina D. Fieldsteel, Albert J. Brok


Comparative Treatments for Relationship Dysfunction

by Frank M., Phd Dattilio (Editor), Louis J. Bevilacqua (Editor)


Comprehensive Group Psychotherapy

by Harold I. Kaplan (Editor)


Comprehensive Group Work: What It Means & How to Teach It

by Robert K. Conyne


Comprehensive Index of Group Psychotherapy Writings (American Group Psychotherapy Association Monograph, 2)*

by Bernard Lubin


Concise Guide to Group Psychotherapy (Concise Guides)

by Sophia Vinogradov (Editor), Irvin D. Yalom (Editor)


Concise Guide to Marital and Family Therapy

by Leslie B. Kadis, Ruth McClendon


Conducting Group Therapy With Addicts: A Guidebook for Professionals

by Ivan R. Elder


Conflict Resolution for Kids: A Group Facilitator’s Guide

by Pamela S. Lane


Confronting Abusive Beliefs: Group Treatment for Abusive Men (Interpersonal Violence, Vol 12)

by Mary Nomme Russell, Jobst Frohberg


Contrainstituci�on y grupos

by Armando Bauleo


The Coping With Depression Course: A Psychoeducational Intervention for Unipolar Depression

by Peter M. Lewinsohn, David O. Antonuccio, Julia L. Steinmetz


Cotherapy With Individuals, Families, and Groups

by Seymour Hoffman (Editor)


Counseling Persons of African Descent

by T. M. Jim Parham (Editor), Thomas A. Parham


Counseling Powers and Passions

by John Vriend


Counseling the Chemically Dependent: Theory and Practice

by Ricky L. George, et al


Counselor and The Group: Integrating Theory, Training, and Practice

by James P. Trotzer (Editor)


Countertransference in Couples Therapy

by Marion F. Solomon (Editor), Judith Siegel (Editor)


Couples Group Psychotherapy: A Clinical Practice Model

by Judith Coche, Erich Coche


The Courage to Lead: Start Your Own Support Group – Mental Illnesses & Addictions

by Hannah Carlson, Carol Nicklaus (Designer)


Creating Contact, Choosing Relationship: The Dynamics of Unstructured Group Therapy (The Jossey-Bass Social and Behavioral Science Series)

by Richard C. Page, Daniel N. Baekow


Creative Advances in Groupwork

by Anna Chesner (Editor)


Creative Group Therapy for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse: Speaking the Unspeakable

by Bonnie Meekums


Creative Interventions for Troubled Children & Youth

By Liana Lowenstein


Creative Therapy III: 52 More Exercises for Groups

by Jane Dossick, Eugene Shea (Illustrator)


The Creative Use of Music in Group Therapy

by Tom Plach, Thomas A. Plach


Critical Incident Stress Debriefing: An Operations Manual for Cisd, Defusing and Other Group Crisis Intervention Services

By Jeffery T. Mitchell, George S. Everly, George S. Everly, Jr.


Critical Incidents in Group Therapy

by Jeremiah Donigian, Richard J. Malnati (Photographer)



Dealing With the Problem of Low Self-Esteem: Common Characteristics and Treatment in Individual, Marital/Family, and Group Psychotherapy

by Robert P. Rugel


The Developing Ego and the Emerging Self in Group Therapy

by Dorothy Flapan, Gerd H. Fenchel (Editor)


Developing Group Skills


Developing Self-Acceptance: A Brief, Educational, Small Group Approach

by Windy Dryden


Developing Support Groups for Individuals with Early-Stage Alzheimer’s Disease: Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation

by Robyn Yale


Dialogue Groups: A Practical Guide to Facilitate Diversity Conversation

by Sally Huang-Nissen


The Difficult Patient in Group: Group Psychotherapy With Borderline and Narcissistic Disorders (American Group Psychotherapy Association, Monograph)*

by Bennett E. Roth (Editor), Walter N. Stone (Editor), Howard D. Kibel (Editor)


Directive Group Therapy: Innovative Mental Health Treatment

by Kathy L. Kaplan


Disorders of Discourse

by Ruth Wodak


Divorce, Child Custody and the Family

by Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry. Committee on the Family


Domestic Violence 2000: An Integrated Skills Program for Men: Group Leader’s Manual

by David B. Wexler


Drama As Therapy: Theatre As Living

by Phil Jones


Drama and Healing: The Roots of Drama Therapy

by Roger Grainger


Dramatherapy and Psychiatry

by Dorothy M. With Langley, Gordon E. Langley


Dramatherapy: Clinical Studies

by Steve Mitchell (Editor)


Dramatherapy: Theory and Practice 2

by Sue Jennings (Editor)


Dramatherapy: Theory and Practice 3

by Sue Jennings (Editor)


Dramatherapy: Theory and Practice for Teachers and Clinicians

by Sue Jennings (Editor)


Dreams in Group Psychotherapy: Theory and Technique (International Library of Group Analysis)

by Claudio Neri, Malcolm Pines, Robi Friedman


Drug Abuse and Drug Addiction

by Max Rosenbaum (Editor)


Drug Counseling Manual

by Dennis C. Daley, Delinda Mercer, Gloria Carpenter


Dynamics of Group Psychotherapy

by S.R Slavson



Early Childhood Edition: Grades K-2

by Linda Lehman, Shane Jimerson, Ann Gaasch


Effective Use of Group Therapy in Managed Care (Clinical Practice, No 29)

by K. Roy MacKenzie (Editor)


Ego and Self Psychology: Group Interventions With Children, Adolescents, and Parents

by Ester Schaler Buchholz (Editor)


Elements of Group Counseling: Back to the Basics

by Marguerite R. Carroll, James D. Wiggins


The Emmanuel Movement: (Boston, 1904-1929): The Origins of Group Treatment and the Assault on Lay Psychotherapy

by Sanford


Emphasizing the Interpersonal in Psychotherapy: Family and Group Therapy in the Age of Managed Care

by Claude, MD Villeneuve


Encounter Groups: First Facts

by Morton A. Lieberman


Ending Men’s Violence Against Their Partners: One Road to Peace

by Richard A. Stordeur, Richard Stille, Anne L. Ganley


Ending the Cycle of Abuse: The Stories of Women Abused As Children and the Group Therapy Techniques That Helped Them Heal

by Philip G. Ney, Anna Peters


Enrichment: Skills Training for Family Life

by Luciano L’Abate


Enrichment: Structured Interventions with Couples, Families, and Groups

by Luciano L’Abate


Ericksonian Hypnotherapeutic Group Inductions

by Hildegard Klippstein (Editor), Twinky J. Steppacher-Ray (Translator)


The Essential Guide to Group Practice in Mental Health

by Simon H. Budman, Brett Steenbarger, Edward Zuckerman


The Essential Moreno: Writings on Psychodrama, Group Method and Spontaneity

by J.L. Moreno


Ethics in Group Psychotherapy

by Rebecca MacNair-Semands


Ethics, Legalities, and Professional Practice Issues in Marriage and Family Therapy

by Joyce H. Vesper, Gregory W. Brock


The Evolution of Group Analysis

by Malcolm Pines (Editor)


The Evolution of Group Therapy

by Harold I. Kaplan


Exercises for Individual & Group Development: Building Blocks for Intimacy, Awareness & Community

by Charles Bufe


Experiences in Groups: And Other Papers

by Wilfred R. Bion


Experiential Therapy for Co-Dependency Manual

by Sharon Wegscheider Cruse, Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse


Explorations With Families: Group Analysis and Family Therapy

by Robin Skynner, et al


Expressive Processes in Group Counseling: Theory and Practice

by Nina W. Brown



Failures in Group Work: How We Can Learn from Our Mistakes

by Robert K. Conyne


Family Networks

by Ross V. Speck


Family Solutions: Multiple Family Group Interventions with At-Risk Youth

by William H. Quinn, Fiona Gardner


The Family, the Patient, and the Psychiatric Hospital: Toward a New Model (Report, No 117)

by Commitee on the Family Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry


Family-Centered Services in Residential Treatment: New Approaches for Group Care

by John Y. Powell (Editor)


Feelings Are Real Leaders Manual: Group Activities for Children: Leader Manual

by Kristi Lane Lence


Feelings Are Real Primary Workbook

by Kristi Lane Lence


Fields of Group Psychotherapy

by S. R. Slavson (Editor)


A First Group Psychotherapy Book

by Edward Lowell Pinney


Focal Group Psychotherapy

by Matthew McKay, Kim Paleg (Editor)


Focus on Group Psychotherapy: Clinical Essays

by Saul Scheidlinger


Forbidden Agendas: Strategic Action in Groups

by Antony Williams


Force Into Treatment: The Role of Coercion in Clinical Practice (Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry, Report No 137)


Forsaken Child: Essays on Group Care and Individual Therapy

by D. Patrick Zimmerman


Foundations and Applications of Group Psychotherapy: A Sphere of Influence

by Mark F. Ettin


Free to Be Good or Bad

by Herbert Holt


Free to Feel: Finding Your Way Through the New Therapies.

by Jerome. Liss

Fugitives of Incest: A Perspective from Psychoanalysis and Groups
by Ramon C. Ganzarain, Bonnie J. Buchele