Group Assets Newsletter

This newsletter of the Foundation appears as an insert within The Group Circle, AGPA’s newletter.

Editor: Fern Cramer Azima, Ph.D., DFAGPA

Corporate, Government and Foundation Grants Committee

This committee is responsible for researching potential sources of grants and developing and submitting applications as applicable.

Chair: Robert H. Klein, Ph.D., CGP, ABPP, LFAGPA

Development Committee

The Development Committee is responsible for raising the annual General Fund income of the Foundation, as well as its endowment funds. The Committee also seeks out opportunities for distinguished gifts from AGPA members and outside corporations and foundations, which will benefit the endowment of the Group Psychotherapy Foundation.

Chair: Patricia Barth, Ph.D., CGP, FAGPA

Vice Chair: David M. Hawkins, M.D., CGP, DFAGPA

 Education Committee

The Education Committee supports professional development through continuing education, training, and collegial interaction. The Education Committee coordinates the Group Psychotherapy Foundation-sponsored activities at the AGPA Annual Meeting, including early morning educational sessions, the S.R. Slavson Memorial Lecture, and the Mitchell Hochberg Memorial Public Education presentation.

Chair: Anne Alonso, Ph.D., CGP, DLFAGPA

Vice Chair: Cele Keeper, M.S.W., FAGPA

 Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the Officers of the Foundation and the chairpersons of the various committees. The Executive Committee is charged with planning for the advancement of the Group Psychotherapy Foundation’s activities and welfare. It reviews and evaluates the affairs of the Foundation; guides, oversees, and coordinates all Foundation Committees; recommends an annual budget to the Board of Directors; and exercises the powers of the Board of Directors in the intervals between its meetings.

Chair: Patricia Barth, Ph.D., CGP, FAGPA

 Scholarship and Awards Committee

The Scholarship and Awards Committee oversees the selection of qualified candidates who receive funding and recognition from the Group Psychotherapy Foundation’s Special Funds.

Chair: Trish M. Cleary, M.S.W., LCPC-MFT, CGP, FAGPA

Vice-Chair: Phyllis F. Cohen, Ph.D., Psy.D., CGP, FAGPA

 Search Committee

The Search Committee is charged with recommending persons with diverse skills and expertise to participate on the Group Psychotherapy Foundation’s Board of Directors. Comprised of the President-Elect of AGPA, two elected members from the AGPA Board of Directors, and two members elected from the Group Psychotherapy Foundation’s Board of Directors, the Search Committee is formed every two years.

Chair: Walter Stone, M.D., CGP, DFAGPA

 Study Grant Committee

The Study Grant Committee is responsible for enhancing the profession’s and the public’s awareness of the value of groups. It does this by supporting and initiating research; promoting the collection, interpretation and dissemination of information on group methods and group psychotherapy; and monitoring legislative activity. The Committee works with the Development Committee to explore and solicit outside grants that fulfill its objectives.

Chair: Ruth Hochberg, Ph.D., CGP, DFAGPA