NRCGP Committees

Clinical Professional Relations Committee—informs the professional community about the CGP, develops material for promoting group therapy practice, and will be initiating an award for an Outstanding Teacher/Training Program in Group Therapy.

Sherrie Smith, CSW-R, CGP, FAGPA
Barry Wepman, PhD, CGP

Practice Development Committee—maintains relationships with the national accrediting organizations and payer systems to promote the CGP standard; invites and reviews course curricula; participates in the review of practice guideline; and considers ethical issues relevant to group psychotherapy practice.

Greg Crosby, M.S.W., CGP
Barbara Dazzo, MSW, PhD, CGP, FAGPA
Judith Schoenholtz-Read, EdD, CGP, FAGPA
Publications Committee—edits The Group Solution, writes articles on group therapy for other professional newsletters and journals, and will be responsible for a soon-to-be-released in print and online membership directory.

Paul Cox, M.D., CGP

Standards Committee—reviews and accepts new applicants and keeps current on all clinical credentials for all disciplines; responsible for all policies and materials on recertification.

Suzanne Cohen, Ed.D., CGP, FAGPA