Education, Training, Networking, Publications, Discounts and More!

We offer programs and activities that enhance the growth of our members. Through active participation members shape policy in the field of group therapy and group methods. We offer ample mentorship and leadership opportunities, both as teachers and trainers, and as members of our Board of Directors,  Elected Officers, Committees and Task Forces.

When you become part of our group, you will have access to a wealth of member benefits including:

The Annual Meeting

As the highlight of the Association year, the Institute and Conference offers top-notch accredited continuing professional development opportunities with over 200 events as well as friendly networking and social interaction for members and non-members alike. Your membership allows you a special reduced rate and priority enrollment for the Annual Meeting which is held in different locations throughout the country. 

Each year the Institute presents a two day experiential group led by outstanding group practitioners from around the world. The Conference is an exciting three-day event that includes workshops with limited enrollment, as well as open sessions. You will be exposed to a wide array of philosophies and approaches, and you will feel a strong sense of identity as a group therapist. This annual event also offers social events, such as a dance, a luncheon with entertainment, as well as other exciting social and networking opportunities.


You will have the opportunity to receive scholarships, awards and research grants from the Group Psychotherapy Foundation. 


International Journal of Group Psychotherapy

The official journal of AGPA and a leading information resource for group psychotherapists.  Issued quarterly, the stand-alone value is $90, but with your AGPA membership it’s free! It includes the most up to date advances in theory, research, and practice. It has a renowned Book Review section, and is in its 50th year of publication. Articles are available online.


The Group Circle

Published quarterly with special inserts of the The Group Solutions and Group Assets. These newsletters feature up-to-date information and news on the profession as a whole, member and Affiliate Society news, a President’s Column, reports from AGPA Committees, Task Forces and Special Interest Groups, brief research reports, a consultation column, suggestions for marketing your practice, ethics and third-party payer issues, and professional award, scholarship and research grant opportunities.


Group Therapy Training Curricula

Enrich your knowledge with our library of training modules: Principles of Group Psychotherapy, Group Interventions for Treatment of Psychological Trauma, Ethics in Group Psychotherapy, Training in Group Psychotherapy Supervision and Clinical Outcome Results Standardized Measures (CORE-Battery) soon to be released. Members receive a special discount on all manuals.


Online Membership E-Directory

The Online E-Directory gives you access to AGPA’s membership roster and allows you to update your own profile. With this valuable referral and networking tool you can search by members’ and Certified Group Psychotherapist’s (CGP) by name and geographic locale.


Special Interest Groups 

As an AGPA member, join any of our 18 Special Interest Groups. SIGs are expanding to serve the diverse interests of our members through active online communities. They are developing in membership, structure and organizational support. Currently SIG’s represent those interested in:


Addiction and Recovery

Children and Adolescents

College Counseling and Other Educational Settings
Combined Long-Term Psychotherapy
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Issues

Groups in Private Practice

International Relations

Large and Median Groups and Group Analysis
Medical Illness

Organizational Development and

Severe and Persistent Mentally Ill
Women in Group Psychotherapy

You are also invited to initiate a SIG in new areas by starting a conversation hour at our Annual Meeting.

Affiliate Societies

Our 32 Affiliate Societies across the country offer collegiality, referral networks, training, consultation, and supervision. All AGPA members have access to local societies workshops and training programs. Many AGPA members also hold membership in their local Affiliate. Local and National membership complement each other, one offering local exchange and collegiality; the other offering national training and educational opportunities.


Group Savings Plus®

AGPA and Liberty Mutual, one of the nation’s most respected insurance companies, have teamed up to offer members Group Savings Plus®. Save up to 10% on your automobile and homeowners insurance by going online and get an instant quote.